POP POS DISPLAY...and we create everything from scratch

We have been developing the Performa brand since 2002.
We specialize in the design and manufacture of exhibitors, presenters, display stands and advertising shelves known as p.o.s.
Our main materials are metal, mdf, wood and plastics. We combine modern design with ergonomics and functionality, thus creating a perfect working tool, intensifying the sales. Products become visible to the customers and their setting increases the prestige and aesthetic dimension of the brand and your product.

Our exhibitors can be found in stores in over a dozen European countries, both in discount stores and brand showrooms.
Taking care of quality and unique design, we do not forget about the principles of functionality and safety, thus the final manufacture is preceded by ergonomics and strength tests.

  • professional and creative team

  • modern machinery stock

  • laser precision

  • sales support

  • attractive p.o.s. accessories

  • shipping throughout Europe

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